Stour and Orwell Cruise 7th – 10th September

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This cruise was originally planned as a visit to Walton Pond, however the W&FYC is currently being re-built and therefore their facilities were unavailable. The earlier planned cruise to Shotley scheduled for May was cancelled due to adverse weather and so John Harrison seized the moment, which pleased Shotley Marina, the Shipwreck and us boaters. […]

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The Ore and Alde Cruise, 11th – 14th August

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It was an early start for some of us as we crept out of the TideMill at the crack of dawn on Sunday but we had time to relax on moorings down the river enjoying the sunshine before six or seven boats left the river on the lunchtime rising tide. For once the wind was […]

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Blackwater Cruise 8th-15th July 2013

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A change of plans made it possible for me to join our commodore’s summer cruise to the Blackwater from the 8th to the 15th of July. The emphasis is on the word “summer” because as I write this Ros informed me that the temperature in her cabin was 90 degrees! On Monday 8th July, Expression, […]

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London and Chatham Cruise 9-17th June 2013

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Of the original twelve boats that signed up for the cruise, six crews finally made it to Limehouse Basin. Unfortunately mechanical breakdowns and accidents took their toll. The weather was kind to us and a calm trip down was made with a stopover at Sharfleet Creek on the Medway. Those that did make it were […]

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Brr! Was it cold? Was it wet? Yes it was! But was it enjoyable? Yes it most certainly was. Ten boats and eighteen crew arrived in Titchmarsh Marina on Tuesday 28th May – most in the pouring rain that had set in by early afternoon and continued into the night. By dint of a large […]

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