On Watch Deadline

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The deadline for next On Watch issue is Mid-day, Thursday 27the April, edited by Christine Bull.

Save the Club money (postage) and manpower (printing & envelope stuffing): elect to download On Watch from the website. Check out your Annual Renewal which has the appropriate tickbox or use Contact Us link on the left.  Volunteers also needed to deliver on Watch by hand to local members.

Currently 122 emails are sent to remind those who get EOnwatch that it is on the website.  If you would like a reminder, just email Steph and she will add you to the list.  Every month we print about 100 copies and about half to two thirds end up being posted.  Thanks go to Gill Craggs who has recently been organising local hand deliveries, but it would help if this was on a more formal basis so we know roughly how many we have to post and how many stamps we need.  Currently 2nd class post costs us 53p per envelope, so our costs accumulate if we cannot hand deliver.

Would anyone like to volunteer to learn how to do the printing of the paper On Watch? Please contact Steph if you feel this is something you could tackle.

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