Mussel Beds on the Stour- Have your say

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Extract from Cruising Association email You may have seen some publicity regarding an application to establish Mussel Farming in the River Stour. Some background information is can be seen by clicking the buttons below and full details can be found at: The River Stour is a popular anchorage for many East Coast sailors and the […]

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Pilotage into Deben,Ore and Stone Point 2015

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We will post a notification here when the new season’s charts are available.  For the Deben entrance there are 2 charts: from the Harbour Master on the Deben Estuary Pilot link, and from Imray on the East Coast Pilot link. You can also download charts for the Ore and Stone Point from this link.  Felixstowe […]

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Walton Backwaters Pilotage News

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The channel into Walton Backwaters has now been dredged. You can download the latest chart from here.  Thanks go to the HarbourMaster at Titchmarsh marina for keeping us informed. The usual disclaimers apply- use care and as skipper you are responsible for the safety of your vessel.  The soundings are only accurate for the date […]

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Notices to Mariners

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Now we are well into the sailing season, don’t forget to check out the Notices to Mariners (N to M) which can be found on the HHA Harwich Haven Authority’s website, under “Library”.

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Going to the Crouch ?

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In preparation for the new shipping trade to the Wallasea Wild Coast project, Crouch Harbour Authority, with support and assistance from Crossrail, has carried out out major improvements to the buoyage of the River Crouch approach channels from Whitaker Spit inwards to Burnham Fairway.  There is a printed version in On Watch.  

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