Take it easy Nicola! ¬ We’re not coming after all!

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As the shapely bulge of East Anglia disappears astern it’s a long way to anywhere northwards, and this is why Lowestoft, at the northern extremity of our own local sailing area’ (Yarmouth being beyond the mindset due to its lack of provision for yachts) is a necessary stopping place on almost any trip up the […]

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How to preserve your updated chartlets from getting ruined.

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Peter Jones has a suggestion as to how to stop the ink running on the update overlays for your charts.   The file is quite large, but you can download it here

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White Diesel in 1970’s Engines

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Following all the debate about red diesel and what happens with the tax men (UK and European), Roger Peck has applied a chemist’s view to the consequences of changing to road diesel for our foreign jaunts: In our boat we have not used red diesel for the past 9 years because it was more convenient for us […]

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The Trucker’s Hitch

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When lashing something down it can be difficult to get the securing rope sufficiently tight. The answer is the Trucker’s Hitch. We must all have seen a lorry driver or farmer using this knot to secure a load. It works because it creates a 3 part tackle to give a mechanical advantage when tightening, although there is […]

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Boxes and Lockses

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There can be few greater spectator sports than an English couple attempting to berth into continental box moorings – nor a greater cause of marital disharmony! In principle, the idea is simple: two rear posts have to be lassoed while going in between them towards a pontoon/quay to which the bows are fastened to rings […]

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