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24 10, 2011

Crossing the Thames Estuary by Roger Gaspar

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The Thames Estuary is amongst the more complex waters for yachtsmen and women to navigate in the UK. Despite the sandbanks, narrow channels, swatchways, tides and shipping, it can and is crossed easily, in comfort and with interest. None of your featureless channel

24 10, 2011

Hawkeye – the Story of an Army Pilot by Paul Strugnell

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WCC member and former Army Air Corps Pilot Paul Strugnell has written a book about his experiences. There are many anecdotes in Paul’s self-published 120-page memoir "Hawkeye – The Story of an Army Pilot", which covers the period from 1970 to 1984. It

24 10, 2011

Like Ships that Pass in the Night by Judy Clements

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Club Member Judy Clements recounts in her book how living aboard 'Fram' might have been testing, frightening and exhilarating - but it was never mundane. [toggle title="Synopsis" style="fancy"] How could I have known that our first trial sail on an icy November afternoon

24 10, 2011

20 Walks on the Deben Peninsula by Debbie Pipe and Pauline Austerfield

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A handy, spiral-bound pocket-sized book, costing £3.99 and available from Hollesley Stores, local pubs and Tourist Information Centres. There are so many wonderful places to explore on foot on the Deben Peninsula that two Hollesley residents have decided to compile a book about

24 10, 2011

Walking on Water: A Voyage around Britain and through Life

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This is an inspirational auto biography by Geoff Holt.  He was a keen and adventurous sailor as a young man who following an accident became a quadraplegic.  His book tells of his living with his disability, of him getting back into sailing through