The new season’s chart of the Deben entrance is now available from the Deben Estuary Pilot website see link below. The Imray chart link is also online but does not detail depths over the bar. Do NOT rely on your chart plotter and Navionics as they will be out of date.

The new chart from John White is now available for download. There is also a useful video to watch.

River Deben 2019

The entrance is much narrower this year and it gets very shallow at low water.
It is best to check with John White if entering for the first time as the entrance is subject to frequent change.

VHF radio Call ‘Odd Times’ on VHF CH8

Phone Call John White on mobile 07803 476621 or landline 01394 270106

or Stephen Read on mobile 07860 191768


Woodbridge Haven 51º 58′.105N             001º23′.696E

West Knoll (R)         51° 58′.298N             001°23′.161E April 2019

Knoll Spit (R)           51° 58′.517N             001° 23′.229E position will possibly change

Mid Knoll (G)           51°58′.576N              001°23′.268E April 2019

The chart below is more detailed than the Imray chart as it has more advice and soundings.

There is also a new video of the entrance on the site

East Coast Pilot’s Chart from Imray is the 2019 version here and it includes a photograph:

River Ore  Updated information for 2019

April 2019 Buoy positions

Orford Haven Latitude 52° 02.000’N., Longitude 001° 28.200’E

Oxley Latitude 52° 02.091’N., Longitude 001° 27.696’E.

Weir Latitude 52° 02.321’N., Longitude 001° 27.586’E.

The East Coast pilot website has the chartlet for downloading. (Buoys in place April to October only)

Note:  The channel is reported to be very narrow this year.  Make sure you keep to the marked channel.

Stone Point  Information  for 2019

This is the latest 2018 chart for Walton Backwaters which can be downloaded from here. Thanks to W&FYC