The planned Sunday start dawned dry & bright, but the weather forecast came over the radio loud & clear, 3-4 going 5-7, not what we wanted at all! So mobile phone calls to all the participants (except Kalypso and Coranto who had wisely? gone to Southwold on Saturday). We called a meeting at the club for 12 noon , and armed with all the forward forecasts we decided over a drink or two to head north on Tuesday , sadly missing Southwold on this trip, and head straight to Lowestoft. As the afternoon progressed we were certainly pleased we had made the decision not to head to Southwold, as it was blowing a good force 7 by mid afternoon and even reached force 8 in the Orwell later in the evening.

Tuesday by contrast dawned bright and sunny with next to no wind, and we came out of the Orwell and set off up the coast, eventually meeting up with those starting out from the Deben. A good trip was had by all, most even managed some sailing, a novel experience. Our comrades from Southwold arrived in Lowestoft ahead of us but we all arrived in time for ‘Sads’, and it even managed to stay dry. Sadly Kalypso met with an accident in Southwold where a large Dutch boat tried to destroy them, but luckily they were able to continue the trip with us. Wednesday dawned bright and dry and we all wandered off to a variety of different destinations for the day. We gathered together in the RN&SYC for a meal on Wednesday evening, which seems to have been enjoyed by all.

On Thursday as usually seems to happen on this particular cruise we all fell out of bed at a very early hour to catch the tide to start the homeward trek, and all boats had left Lowestoft by 5.45am. The forecast was for a head wind with wind over tide and although the wind was forecast to increase I think we all managed home before that occurred, however the rain that was promised did come and we all got rather wet on the final leg of the journey.

Participating boats – Piper, Miranda, Coranto, Seawitch, Weathergage, Juniper, Tanera Beag, Kalypso, Meltemi.